TASER Instructor Training

For 15 years Jerry Staton contracted with TASER International to teachOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Instructor level classes for the X26, X26P, X2, & AXON Flex.

This class will qualify you to train law
enforcement or security officers. The key is utilizing realistic scenario training!


Contact Training@TASER.com  to host an Instructor class.  Once approved, your department could receive three free spots.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Starting in 2015 the training pages of TASER will be accessible to LEOs only.  ALL officers need to create an account through the TASER Communities and Instructor Network system in order to access the training schedule, notifications, postings, etc.  Follow this link for more instructions.


Reality Based Targets  — You can buy TASER’s target on-line or can build reality based targets.  Just obtain a life sized image, place aluminum screen wire behind that, and put it all on a 1/2″ piece of plywood.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The entire target is made rigid with a 1 X 2 frame. Drywall screws will attach the entire system.  If you can’t find a life size image in your local mall, try car parts stores or beer distributors, sometimes they have life size posters they will donate. Online these are about $30.00 each and several companies have endless selections.