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Classroom needs:

  • Excited Delirium & Arrest Related Death End User – Provide a room for 30
  • Provide tables / desks and seats so attendees may take notes
  • Provide projection screen
  • Provide registration table & display table

Hands-on drills:

  • Excited Delirium – Provide an area for @ least 200 sq feet of wrestling mats

Dates, Location & POC:

  • Select 2 dates – at least 90 days in advance of your training
  • Provide physical training location & local contact’s information (office # & e-mail)
  • Once class is set – we will provide a contract with all class specifics & flyerhost3


    • ARTT classes – we will handle registrations & payments.
    • Pre-registration & pre-payments are required for each class.

Complimentary Seats:

  • ED – depends on paying attendees 2 – 5 free seats


  • To maximize attendance – Host must provide advertising for their class
  • We will provide an advertising flyer

Other materials as necessary:
Will be determined on a case by case basis

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