Close Quarter Battle

Close Quarter Battle I



Close Quarter Battle I*

How good are your hand-to-hand combative skills at contact distances? We have all been taught that distance is our friend and that is true. Problem is when have you ever arrested someone from a distance? Unlock the warrior within and discover how to win violent confrontations.

If your fighting system does not produce central nervous system override it will fail when facing the worst case scenario.  It must be justifiable, work in any position, work in diminished or no light, work with all you gear, work when you are exhausted, work against multiple attackers, work against focused or trained adversaries, and work for all officers.

  • Combat proven techniques
  • Engrain counters to a variety of attacks
  • Train in a realistic manner — not static
  • 6 counters are taught, that you can adapt to work in most situations — once they are mastered.
  • $200.00 per officer  –  16 Hours

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Close Quarter Battle II*

The 6 counters are reviewed from CQB I to reinforce the correct techniques.  We will also review weapons disarm and retention techniques as well as ground fighting take-downs, arms locks and escapes.  Additional compliance controls techiques will be introduced.

Close Quarter Battle II

A physical and mental course.  We discuss ways to improve the justification process and help protect you from lawsuits.

At least 3 live scenarios will be re-enacted, filmed and reviewed by all students to study the use of force and justificiation of the force used in each situation.

  • $200.00 per officer – 16 hours

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Close Quarter Battle Shotgun

This course is designed to get the user comfortable using a shotgun in limited spaces. I will show you the capabilities of your shotgun and the person using it.  Transition drills will also be included, so bring your handgun and holster.  Not a beginner course!!

  • $150.00 per officer – 8 hoursClose Quarter Battle Shotgun

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NOTE: Physically demanding courses and cardiovascular conditioning is suggested prior to attending.

*A FREE demo CD of CQB I & CQB II is available and will answer many of your questions.